Reasons to Drink Craft Beer

If you want to try a beer, why won’t you try craft beer? Keep on reading this article to know why you must try drinking craft beer:

Craft beer encourages greater conversation

There are a lot of things you can converse about in terms of craft beer and it’s actually a good conversation starter. You can discuss the comparisons between other beers you love, flavor profiles, the manufacturer of the beer, and more.

Health benefits

According to researchers, craft beer has a lot of health benefits. In fact, craft beer is believed to have more nutrients compared to red wine. Craft beer has an extensive range of antioxidants, vitamin B3, fiber, and a great source of silicon—an essential mineral for flexible joints, clear skin, and strong bones.

Various beers for various seasons

Most of the craft breweries manufacture seasonal beers and utilizes flavors and ingredients in these once-a-year and special brews that are not available all throughout the year. It’s extremely unlikely that the beer you would want to drink during Christmas is similar to the beer you want to consume under the heat of the summer sun. Thankfully, craft beers are available in different versions on different occasions and seasons.

It usually has a higher percentage of ABV

To put it simply, craft beers typically have more alcohol compared to mass-produced beer, such as Kokanee or Budweiser. If that still cannot convince you to choose a craft beer, then we do not know what is. The majority of craft beer extends from 5 to 10 ABV percentage. However, others even reach alcohol levels up to 20 to 40 percent of ABV.

Beer and food pairings

Pairing food with beer has become a massive hit in the food industry and the craft beer industry. Knowing the profile of a beer and pairing your craft beer with a particular flavor can actually ameliorate and enhance a meal.

It tastes better

Not like any massive beer brands, craft brewers concentrate less on stock prices and marketing. Instead, they are more into the quality of their brews. Brewers of craft beers can experiment with various flavors, ingredients, recipes and etc. Moreover, they aim to keep on formulating and manufacturing new beers that taste good and are unique at the same time.

Different kinds of flavors

If you drink craft beer, you are just enabling yourself to get more variety when it comes to beer flavors and styles. Craft breweries have the freedom and advantage to discover unique and new beer ideas. Once you support such local and starting breweries, they will obtain recognition. As a result, they will get more chances to make more distinct brews by utilizing unique ingredients that commercial breweries lack. Hence, you can have more variety of beer flavors to select from.

You are actually helping small brands

Once you choose craft beer to drink, you’re actually supporting local and small businesses. Through this, you are also aiding the industry of craft beer to develop.

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